gmod movie help!

I am making a video with random clips kinda like all of those famous youtube celebs who make random gmod movies, so I would like your help as to give me clips of your random shit and ill put them all together n shit.
You have to edit and add your own sounds though.
If you have questions post them below.(cuz I have no life :confused: and ill have nothing to do anyways.)

PS: All you will be in the creds so [EMAIL=“”]email me the clips, name of the clip and your name(username please.) to be put in the credits.

Oh and im still looking for a title.


you want to be even worse than the people you’re trying to copy off by stringing together clips of other people’s content.

get very out.

it would be awesome if someone did this too.

oh sorry you’re trolling.

because there’s no way someone’s as dumb as you.

okay thats a no im guessing.


im not trollin’ btw im just as dumb as you said buddy.


ehem…im still here if anyone is wondering. allllll night.

No-one’s going to do this for you, quit.

im not gunna quit and ill be here untill i find someone.

If you want something done properly, do it yourself.

i dont have a good enuff comp.

take the advice from the contained clip

incorporate it into your shit if you want.


And don’t give me bullshit about not having enough money. Go and make some.

corky you know he’s 12

im 15 and i have no job cuz im too far away from anything.


gas money.

hahaha how’d the dead revolution go


Thanks buddy, Your the first one to actually do something.

Well poor old you then.

Nobody’s going to help you with your video.


ahahahaa oh wow

sorry ghostwork but you know he’s actually going to use that

You know me? wow theirs like 50,000 players on here, damn thats good.

Ya it didnt go so well cuz some ass banned me for posting in the wrong forum, LUL.

HAHA, I didnt see that until just now!


and corky, just cuz you said that(im refering to your “You know hes gunna use that.”) imma use it, LOL.

You thanked him for his contribution before even watching what he posted?