Gmod movie help

Hey y’all. I have Plenty of skills in order to make a high-class gmod film.
Only one problem.
I have no ideas!
I would like to know how you or anyone else gets inspired with ideas?
I sit around for hours trying to think of something clever or funny to put in my video but i come up with nothing! please, share your brainstorming tips.

i actully have a quite brilliant idea. one that will make red. vs. blue look like telly tubbies. i too use gmod (not very often though) and would like to put this drama machinima into action. (may take some time and some very good hammer editing though

plus i am friends with Lfoxta, executive producer of the Gmod Idiot Box. he may be interested

so far this thread is hilarious, go on

comedy or action
(i wanna do action)

I’d be glad to help. Message me on steam. My ID is Wiimean