GMOD MP3 Player

Since my release of the Wire Sounds List mod, I have heard a lot of requests to be able to play your own songs.

So I decided to make this little In-Game Player that you can place your MP3 Files into.

To use the menu either type mp3 into the console or bind a key to +mp3.

To add your music to the mod, Go into the addon itself and place the songs into the sound/songs folder.

EDIT: turns out that it does work with spaces, i trialed a song before i had finished it sorry.


Complimentary Song: Mingebag Rave - War Of The Servers Soundtrack

Great, this looks great, downloading :v:

Edit: put this insead of the link

isint this the same like musex?

It looks way simpler than musex, which is awesome, because not everybody likes those animated/graphics GUI’s.

Musex still kicks ass though. Nice to see an alternative still.

Can you make it compatible with songs with spaces in them?Because renaming all my songs would make me :mad:.

Looking through code, will post solution for space filename playing if I can find it quickly.


Okay… This appears to error out on load.


I think something is really wrong:

autorun/client/musicplayer.lua:3: attempt to index global 'vgui' (a nil value)

Yet that’s a valid function as far as I can tell.

Mingebag rave is awesome as song!.

Must be something wrong with your gmod… It works with a fresh install

"put this insead of the link " - How do you put links in those? what is the tag name?

EDIT: I don’t think that spaces can be fixed because GMOD Console can’t find the file if It has spaces in It sorry…

I assume you are using play <name>. Doesn’t play “<name>” works too? And then you can have spaces?

Don’t worry patrik I tested It today and It works with spaces, I tested It when I was making It and It didn’t work because the file path was wrong

Heh, mingebag rave. I like it.

EDIT: Could you make it so that if you’re the admin of the server, you can have everyone listen to a song? Thanks.

That would involve everyone having to download the song, Which not everyone wants sorry…

What I was trying to do was to escape the quote characters so you run the concommand
play “whatever”

RunConsoleCommand( “play”, “songs/”…name ) --What you have
RunConsoleCommand( “play”, ““songs/”…name” ) --What I think you should have

As I said, I can’t test it because it errors out.

It already works without spaces as I just said mate

No need to change the script if It works just fine?

Sorry, didn’t notice that.

You mean with right?

What do you mean

My only gripe is that I need to copy every file into the folder, and I don’t like doing that. Musex could just create a play list and can play songs from anywhere on your computer.

Yes sorry didn’t realise what you meant, thanks.