Gmod multiplayer doesn't show servers

When I start up Gmod and i go to multiplayer, there are no servers listed at all. i refresh and it says “No internet games responded to the query”. It has been like this for a few days. Help would be appreciated.

Can you provide a working link to your Steam Profile and maybe say “Hi Facepunch” or something on it so we know it’s you?

Also, make sure your firewall/antivirus isn’t blocking “hl2.exe” for Garry’s Mod

Will this work?

and my firewall is not blocking it. just made sure.


same with me buy i did play on it like 2 hours before it happened and now no servers show up

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buy = But

Take this to Help/Support. This section is not here to help with problems like this, or problems at all for that matter.


Except questions.

I like this new picture…

Thank you, it’s nice isn’t it?