Gmod multiplayer tab

Hey i’ve been playing gmod recently and i felt like changing my spray but when i try to
all the options for the multiplayer tab is all shoved into a corner


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Here is the picture of what is looks like

I don’t think there is any thing you can do about it, mine is fucked up too but it looks a lot different.

Join the club, mine’s messed up too

Wow maybe it’s gmod 13? idk…

I HAVE FOUND THE FIX FOR THIS WOOHOO PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO OTHERS theres like 6 posts about this issue i have fixed it !!!

just download TF2 lol IM SERIOUS

i downloaded tf2 lastnight and in its OPTIONS is a MULTIPLAYER tab so i clicked it the similar spray thing and advanced and the cros hairs thing is in it… so i said to my self… self… go look in gmod… so i opened gmod and OMG IT WAS FIXED WOOHOO !!! i dont know how to find the others with this same problem but if someone could pass it on that would be cool :slight_smile: PEACE merry christmas and happy new year :slight_smile: