GMod Multiplayer won't work

Hi there. Wondering if anyone can shed light on why I can never connect to any Gmod multiplayer servers. I have deleted all local content, uninstalled and reinstalled the game and is still will not work. I have also made sure that my firewall gave full access to gmod. It still refuses to go online. I was only able to join one server. It was a jail break game. That’s all i have been able to join since last month.

Any help would be much appreciated.

You bought it, right?

Of course. Best 10 dollars i ever spent. Until last month.


Does anyone have any ideas?




Is there any error message or anything at all when you try to play multiplayer?

I have the EXACT same problem, it just tries to connect and after 4 retries a sign pops up and says “Unable to connect after 4 retries” happens to EVERY server

Check if you internet cable in the slot good.

Please post which servers you tried (IP also name if you would :P)

Also which games you have…

(SOURCE like Hl2 and such)

i got the obox so i know gmod works but for the servers, i tried joining any gm_construct and gm_flatgrass. Which i thought would work considering they come with the game

I have the Orange box. So all those source games. nothing else though. I try to join all servers on the list and only twice have i gotten to connect to a server and i have no idea why i can join those. I really miss my gmod online.

same problem here. im pretty sure it is a firewall problem. I think its nivida firewall for me. but i cant find 2 fix. I currently have this problem with : all source mods, gmod, Counter strike source, counter strike 1.6, hl2 dm, dod:S

I don’t think firewall is the problem, because my firewall is completely off and it still refuses to let me play multiplayer… probably the router :\

ok found the firewall (nividia) and turned it off. it was not the problem. i need 2 open router ports

i don’t think it’s the router, cuse i just remembered that I use to play gmod before and was able to host D:

Open port 27015 to 27018 I think

Will try

How do you open ports?

Go to your Router settings page, For me (BT) I type in into the address bar.
Ofcourse can’t help you much without the router type.

27000 to 27025

… I dont even know how to get there. I am not that computer savvy. a walkthru would be nice lol. -> Find your router in the first list -> Find CS in the second list (uses the same ports as Gmod, and Gmod isn’t on the list) -> Do as it says