Gmod Murder - MU_Nightmare_Church_B3 - Map - [June 2014]

Name: MU_Nightmare_Church - (Beta 3)
Map Type/Main Focus: Murder (Garry’s Mod Game Mode)
Player Spawns: 35
Loot Spawns: 30
New Update: The gamemode files (spawn/loot) are built into this addon and _b3 (beta 3) map versions.

A perfect place for a Murder.
There’s lots of details in the map and it’s fun to explore, plus great places to hide.


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Map Update Logs - (The changes/improvements I’ve done to the map)

**Beta 2**
- Fixed bug where players could get out of map. 
- Basic built in spawn protect on new round. 
- No more player fall damage. 
- Physics prop clip to, toilets, electric area, hedge area. 
- Physics prop clip with filter_activator_name to, water well, grave hole, confession booth. (For trolley and gnome models) 
- Player clip removed from Sewer. (More freedom space to run) 
- Player clip to confession booth, upper tree near roof area, dog cage, wine storage. 
- Removed grave displacement Collisions. 
- USE text/sprite buttons have quicker press time. 
- Fixed small hedge texture bug. 
- Point of the roof structure now has $detail texture. 
- Newspaper stack texture higher res. 
- Block bullets clip to ladder.

**Beta 3**
- File Size Lower
- Map Name renamed to: mu_nightmare_church
- Bugged Loot fixed and replaced.
- The Gnome model is now a Transparent Dynamic Lantern that you can take with you. 
- Spawn Protect now should work better.
- Added some nice teleport particle effects to confession box.
- Added env_blood for father grigori's head. (Dripping blood)
- Hint texture text on open grave about moving dead bodies.
- Zombie painting texture has a new fade effect (2 painting in 1)
- You can jump now on the dog cage and then jump over the hedge near water feature. (Useful if being chased)
- Added a red arrow near dog cage as a hint that you can go up there.
- Thunder sound Trigger timer reset from 250sec to 90sec.
- Blood decal in open grave.
- Player clip to upper tree near roof area tweaked/moved.
- Player clip to toilet area. (upper area) 
- Player clip on freemans head so you can jump on the upper bed.
- Player clip to tree so you can climb it. 
- Physics prop clip behind sewer lid. 
- Physics prop clip in front of baby.
- Piano has been prop physics clipped.
- Removed Texture: vhs_nolabel.vtf - free up 1.33MB. (Texture skin was not used)
- Removed Textures: fruit_objects01.vtf, fruit_objects01_normal.vtf, fruit_objects01_warp.vtf - free up 699KB (Textures was not used)
- Optimized Texture: caddie.vtf - was 1.33MB now 1.00MB. (Without noticeable downgrade)
- Optimized Texture: chicago.vtf - was 1.33MB now 682KB. (Without noticeable downgrade)
- Optimized Texture: baggyjeans.vtf - was 1.33MB now 682KB. (Without noticeable downgrade)
- Optimized Texture: vhs.vtf - was 1.33MB now 682KB. (Without noticeable downgrade)
- Optimized Texture: bench_wood_gta_normal.vtf - was 4.00MB now 1MB (Without noticeable downgrade)
- Radio Texture now is dirty. (No longer new looking)
- Changed daoowl.mdl lighting origin. (more easy to see in the dark)
- Moved the owl to a tree near the dog cage area. (more easy to notice)
- pumpkin.mdl lod is higher. (less prop pop in)
- agibs.mdl lod is higher. (less prop pop in)
- wall_lamp2.mdl lod is higher. (less prop pop in)
- Small Bug Fixes and General Tweaking.

Have Fun

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