Gmod Music: Demo

Video Deleted

Use [media] tags, also it’s pretty bad since all you really did was add music and slapped on a picture with bad posing.

So. Dude I don’t care it’s just the music I care about. The video was last min

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Please don’t start a war here. It’s just for the music as I said. Comment on the music

You created the song?

Yeah. Me and my friend BOTH made it. so it our’s together…

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Took about 3 hours

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give or take

Uh, this was good, but why did you post it in the GMOD forums? Put it in the music forums, this has nothing to do with Gmod unless it was a music video, which it’s not.

Well, few things to say about you is you’re pretty bad at making gmod video but pretty good at making music.

No, Shut up. Do you really think i tried to make a video. No now this starts pissing me off. Again i didn’t give a shit about the video. Maybe ill remake it to a video. but it;s for the MUSIC!

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Then this should be in the music section. Grrr.

I did Grrr

I don’t think you understand the point of these forums Grrr

I really Agree Grrr

Someone gives you a complement and you reply with:

And you plead for no war, oh wow.

were no having a war…

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Somebody explain this forum…

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I just wanna post without being fought with.

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WhenI clearly say comment on the music i didn’t care about the Video, what do people do…Comment on the video, thats why i get mad. some people like FumplesAlt are cool because

not like

The GMOD Video Section

A place where humble loving people show respect to user’s videos involving Garry’s Mod.

But seriously, people post videos usually either that they made or somebody else’s work. In return the community of this section will compliment and/or criticize the Gmod related VIDEO.

Sure, you had a Gmod picture for your Music “VIDEO” but it was off-topic to anything Gmod and we do what we do best, judge the VIDEO.

If you want an honest opinion and someone who works better in that department, go to the music section.

Ok. I just got a reality shock.

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Imma trun it into a music video, and you’ll all see that Im good imma prove you all wrong! YOu’ll SEE!!!1111

Anyone seen my pills?!

It’s right over there -->

Oh. I though someone would say “ask Luis” or some shit

Stop fucking deleting your videos, are you really going to pussy out and delete a video just because people give you feed back that isn’t “WOW YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!”

no. I don’t want any sucky videos on my youtube!