Gmod music video (30 seconds preview)

So, hello everybody. I’m new here and it is gonna be my first Gmod video. I’ve made a short preview and later I’ll post a full video here. Now I want to hear your opinion about how does it looks and should I continue working on it. Also could anybody tell me how to get rid of this terrible noise when it’s fading between scenes. I am using Sony Vegas…
could it be because of a slow PC? (I’m using my notebook to shoot videos but I render them on my home computer)

And excuse my bad english

Would appreciate any help/ideas

It looked okay, I couldnt notice that noise.

I mean that blue stripes all over the screen like at 0:17 it’s not effect or somethin

Right now it’s about 30% progress and I’m experiencing some lack of ideas. I shot 7 different scenes and don’t know what else to add. So even the dumbest ideas like a melon head kleiner riding a bicycle (just for example, it’s not a part of the video %) ) could now be realised. I want this to be a 3 minutes of absolute madness >:D

Oh the video static… Humm, What format is the video in?

H.264 if you meant that

Render in WMV HD.

I changed codec and tweaked some settings and it worked, thanx for helping. Full video will be released in few days (…probably :slight_smile: ). Still in need of fresh ideas, if you have some to share

Try time him playing the piano better, that would make this more sexy.

Also, 1080p.

Yeah, I was just lazy to do that. And all I can afford is 760p. Or the framerate will be “a bit” low… well I guess so. I’ll xperiment with the resolution later, because I have not so much time to work on the video.
By the way, final version will not be just an abstract music clip. It will have a storyline… or something like that :smiley:

Sadly, Wam took his video down but in my opinion the best place to look for inspiration for a gmod music video was in VincentWam’s “Gman- Body to Body” video. I dont know why he took it down, it was amazing.

Had use of lots of sets, flashy lights (mostly in editing) and great use of both ragdoll and npc acting.

Found and watched it… that’s too much for a single person. It is awesome, but it’s kinda different from what I’m going to do. It’s all about animation, and I’m now working on some comedy plot that will become an introduction to this video. (Don’t worry, no ragdolls swinging their hands around or other silly seen-a-million-time jokes )
Anyway, I’m inspired enough. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

btw could anybody give me the link to some faceposeable pirates?