Gmod - My TF2 Posing


That’s it?

Nice posing.

Don’t make empty threads that have no pictures.

do you feel so special that there needs to be a megathread for your pictures only


There’s plenty of room to improve.

When i first started posing i didn’t know how to pose models so they looked stiff like yours.

In order to improve you need to first know how humans stand or sit or do any other task and pose them accordingly, so try to replicate humans in real life photos.

A lot of the things in the pics you posted are not good by many aspects, but there is always a start.

I’m going to say it, they’re bad. What are they doing? You didn’t use face posing and finger posing tool. Use TF2 maps with TF2 people. Download the “Enhanced physics V2” or whatever it’s called.

Well, I do believe people would agree with me that this deserves to be on the Troll Thread.


No, since he is probably new to this thus he needs critisism, the troll poses thread hosts from mediocre to very good posers and editors to post something they ddidn’t give much effort and know how to make good stuff.

Yeah, maybe… But still, I mean even though he might be new, he just needs to look at a few of the screenshots on this forum and practice with his posing skills before posting. I mean I do feel bad for just saying my last comment, but I feel like he needs to understand the fact that you can’t post a thread and not show us a picture at the beginning.


It’s fine man. I guess I got a little too ahead of myself. I should’ve cut you some slack. But like GTA said, just improve on your posing and you should be fine in the near future. And just look at reference photos to help out as well. They are pretty useful when it comes to posing.

Most important thing when you’re posing is to take your time. You rush anything, even if you’re as good as the best of us, it’s not going to look nearly as good as it could.

Also, you are your own best reference.
Mimic the poses you want to make in real life, and use a mirror or your own sense of self to get a good idea of how the pose looks, then use that knowledge while you pose the ragdolls.

What squiddy said. In addition, poses don’t have to take a long time/be extreme, so long as you pay attention to detail. For example, my most successful screenshot (based on a ratings :v:) was one of the easiest I’ve ever posed. It’s 3 standing ragdolls, 3 lamps, 3 lights, and borderline troll-pose faces. It was 90% editing. However, it was something entertaining, and I paid attention to the details that mattered, so people enjoyed it.

Starting out with simple pictures like that can only help. Try mimicking your favorite album art/movie posters.