Gmod Mythbusters - Episode 1

Myth Facts:
Border Myth (Rory):
Yes, it’s flat on purpose. If it couldn’t make it over a flat border, what makes you think it can make it over a bumpy or fenced border?
Keep in mind before discussion that every myth is used with an original copy of Gmod, if we have to use a mod, it’s myth-busted.
Couldn’t use thrusters, it would not be a slingshot at that point.

Falling Elevator (Recon77):
Couldn’t change the props weight, it is what it is.
Can’t put thrusters on the bottom to slow it down and then jump, you wouldn’t have time to put thrusters on the bottom before you had to make a life-or-death situation.

Laws of Physics (Recon77):
Air resistance doesn’t exist in Gmod.
changing gravity has no effect.

Well here it is, the first episode.

Depending on the rating and reviews we get will determine wether or not, or how soon, episode 2 will be released.

Submit your myths in the original thread for episode 2.

The song is crappy quality for now, deal with it.

Constructive critizism only please.

Episodes can be discussed, if you do not agree, discuss it! If you do agree, fight the non-agree-ers.

Gold star - If you like it.
Agree - If you agree with the decisions of busted/plausible/confirmed
Disagree - If you do not think the outcome was right.

Original and creative. I especially enjoyed the flying-to-Mexico stuff. A few crits: your mic pops, put some over it to catch the “P” sounds or experiment with angles of recording. Your custom map (the Mexico border) could have benefited from some background… nothing special, just a little detail.

You’d benefit from more extensive and professional filming techniques. Try using rigged cameras to track the action, and perhaps using a model to illustrate the narrator so that you aren’t just a disembodied voice.

Where’s my pretty intro? :frowning:

It’s a nice idea but the result is kinda crappy.
The music is bad and The whole movie is too fast.

But I’m still looking forward to part 2

The idea is good, but the execution was horrible.

Needs UI hiding, microphone quality needs buffed. The content wasn’t very interesting as well. Also, get yourself a proper video editor.

And the song was god awful.

Did you just put a mic to your guitar amp and record it? You were clipping HEAVILY holy shit. You should either invest in a good pop-filter for your mic, or make a homemade one by using pantyhose, a jar lid, and a rubber band. OR, hold the mic up aiming downwards and speak straight across.

need part 2.

Yeah the music is horrible quality and it’s something I came up with in literatly 5 minutes. Just to pass time basically. All I can do to record it is put a mic up to the amp.

Thanks for the good comments, and ironically, the bad comments - Bad is good if given off the correct way :slight_smile:

Keep them coming, thanks for the reviews!

Maybe watch a few Mythbuster episodes, and write down some notes on HOW they execute their myths. Try to be a little more colorful, just like them. Their attempts make the science in it fun.




EDIT: How am I unfriendly? I’m just giving him some constructive criticism. I though the video was okay, and I submitted my tips on how to improve it. I didn’t flame about it.

Please fix the music sound quality. Other then that, this is vaguely interesting.

Thanks Master_Rex6, I’ll definantly do that - Didn’t think of it.

Yeah I know the music is horrible but I just had to come up with something and quick so I could get the episode done.

You could always just do a search for stock sound clips. Make sure you site your sources though. First drafts of shows like this always have things that could be better or should be fixed. But this should turn out to be an interesting series.

Needs better editing and less ‘drag’.

Needs more Buster. :v:

And massive explosions. Try to get the real Mythbusters music.

I gave you a disagree on the “slingshot to mexico” myth, if you try a old gmod9 catapult on that map(1 thruster set to 30000) and it should work, but you need to be standing near the support beam of the launcher, i will try to put together a demonstration

Agreed.That would be nice.

Adding thrusters would not make it a slingshot.


A car is going 60Mph. If it collides with another car that is going the same speed (And coming from front), will the damage be as bad as if you hit a wall with 120Mph speed?


I think I could test that, With some breakable props and the wire speedometer.

I wanted it to be longer =(