GMod National Motorsport - "Here we go again, with more drama.."


GMod National Motorsport

**GMod National Motorsport is another event in the ‘GMod National’ line.
We will be doing laps on a circuit, and we’ll be doing a hillclimb.

< Sometime in the week before Christmas >

Contestants will be divided into two propulsion groups.
E2 & Prop Engine
ACF Engine

Contestants will also be divided into car classes.
Vintage / Classic (Below 90s)
Modern (Above 90s)



Q)** May I team up with a friend?**
A) Yes, teaming of a maximum of three is allowed. Though this wil not affect your times, the laptimes are individual!

Q) May I modify one of my existing cars?
A) Yes, as long as it’s up to Motorsport specifications.

Q) Can I use fins to create downforce?
A) Yes, in small quantities. (Don’t put a 20-feet spoiler on your car, with 10 different fin pieces)



  1. Fins are allowed in small quantities.
  2. Vehicle MUST have a finished body.
  3. Engine must suit the vehicle. So not 23.0L V12 in a gokart.
  4. setAng, Angforce and Hydraulic steering are allowed.
  5. You may enter TWO vehicles.
  6. Only ONE car spawned at the time!
  7. Do NOT take a shortcut!
  8. Do NOT teleport!
  9. Do NOT shoot/punch/annoy the contestants!
  10. E2 Holo bodies are NOT allowed. (I am referring to bodies that TDM, LoneWolf, Sped and SGM have made)
  11. PAC bodies are NOT allowed.
  12. Maximum of ONE engine. – **And again make it suit your vehicle! e.g. No 23.0L V12 in a gokart!
    Server Information
    NAME: N/A
    IP: N/A
    MAPS: gm_top_gear

ACF Engine - Vintage / Classic ; Contestants!

Driver (TEAM) - ** Phulax** {JAN$3NTJ333 & The Defender} ; Racing Number #1 - ABC Sagem ; ABC Charlente
Driver - CM Punk ; Racing Number #2 - 1967 Corvette Stingray 427
Driver - CLewis ; Racing Number #3 - 1935 Jaguar SS
Driver - Nignoggins ; Racing Number #4 - 1976 Lotus Esprit S1
Driver (TEAM) - ** Eno** &** Dedlike **; Racin g Number #5 - 1969 Dodge Charger R/T
Driver - MrWhite ; Racing Number #6 - White Model 201V AWD

ACF Engine - Modern ; Contestants!

Driver - Slithers ; Racing Number #1 - Mamba 8R**

E2 & Prop Engine - Vintage / Classic ; Contestants!**

Driver (TEAM) - [ZBG] JAN$3NTJ333 (NL) {Phulax & The Defender} ;* Racing Number #1* - BMW M3 e30 DTM**

E2 & Prop Engine - Modern ; Contestants!**


**How to enter

**Fill out this forum, and post it in the reply section. (Remove the brackets)
I will then add you to the corresponding list with a number. Be sure to stick that number on your vehicle!

Steam Name: <Insert steam name>
Team Member Names (depending if you’re a team): <Insert member name(s)>
Team Name (depending if you’re a team): <Insert team name>
Vehicle Name: <Insert vehicle name>
Propulsion System: <Insert either ACF, E2 or Prop>
Engine Specs: <Insert engine specs>
Transmission Setup: <Insert either AWD/4WD, RWD or FWD>
Car Class: <Insert either Vintage/Classic or Modern>

**GM_top_gear: **

Steam Name(s) (depending if you’re a team): [ZBG] JAN$3NTJ333 (NL)
Team Member Names (depending if you’re a team): Phulax and The Defender
Team Name (depending if you’re a team): Froston Racing
Vehicle Name: BMW e30 M3 evo III
Propulsion System: E2 Engine
Engine Specs: 2.5L inline 4, 325 NM torque
Transmission Setup: RWD
Car Class: Vintage/Classic

Steam Name: CM Punk
Team Member Names (depending if you’re a team): None
Team Name (depending if you’re a team): None
Vehicle Name: 1967 Corvette Stingray 427
Propulsion System: ACF
Engine Specs: 7.2L V8 Special
Transmission Setup: RWD
Car Class: Classic

I really hope you arent using bodies on gm_fork. The map is amazing but its sooo laggy even with just a chassis spawned.

why put e2 engines in with prop engines

Steam Name: CLewis
Vehicle Name: Jaguar SS 1935
Propulsion System: ACF
Engine Specs: I6
Transmission Setup: RWD yehhh nvm AWD it is
Car Class: Vintage/Classic

Will have a small spoiler to provide down force and hopefully better grip.

Weight which will add up nicely with what I usually average for my vehicles:

1143 kilos or 2519.9 lbs

If you want to balance stuff that uses fin, set the server fin limit to 2 and only allow downforce.

I have a laptop that has a lower processing power then that there calculator, I have had 3 250-400 prop cars spawned on that map in single player without much of an fps drop.

— Vote dumb as much as you want this laptop runs Gm_Fork without an issue and it’s a piece of crap.

Name: Slithers
Vehicle: Mamba 8R
Powertrain: ACF 3.0L V12, 5 speed manual, & torque vectoring AWD
Series: Modern

We’d have to test it out. It might or might not turn out good… And we’ll try to get a better map if it doesn’t.

I’ll be recording the event

**Steam Name: **Nignoggins
**Vehicle Name: **1976 Lotus Esprit S1
**Propulsion System: **ACF
**Engine Specs: **1.9L i4 262hp 161ft-lb
**Transmission Setup: **RWD, Rear mid-engine, 5 speed
**Car Class: **Vintage/Classic


Fek. I need someone I trust to drive my 95 supra for me that I already know since I probably won’t be there on time :v

Steam Name: MrWhite
Vehicle Name: White Model 201V AWD
Propulsion System: ACF
Engine Specs: 3.3L V8 (small special V8, detuned)
Transmission Setup: AWD
Car Class: Vintage/Classic

I * may* ask around for someone else to drive it, seeing as my internet connection is dodgy as it is and I’m a terrible driver.

I can be driver if you need. " And if it qualifies with rules" I can set good times, just never have a good car to do it in.

[sp]Before I made the Jagaur[/sp][/T]

Steam Name: PeeDiddy
Team Member Names: No clue yet
Team Name (depending if you’re a team): Campbell Motorsports
Vehicle Name: **1995 Toyota Supra **
Propulsion System: ACF
Engine Specs: 3.8 i6 w/“forced induction”
Transmission Setup: AWD
Car Class: Modern

Finished the rear, and the interior is almost done :slight_smile:

Steam Name: Da Rustyrail
Team Name: Rusty’s Machine Works
Vehicle Name: RMW Cougar (custom)
Propulsion System: ACF
Engine Specs: special 2.9L V8 Petrol
Transmission Setup: RWD
Car Class: Vintage Classic