GMod needs a massive engine switch

Though this would be an ambitious project, if it were done it would drastically increase the life of GMod.

In short, what it would involve is getting maps about 60-100x bigger (current ones are about 1 km), and a physics engine capable of handling about 20-40x currently possible. If this was done, then GMod could reach it’s real potential. For example

-Huge “wars” with 40v40 player schemes (40 tanks v 40 tanks etc…)
-The need for things that actually go fast (noclipping across a 60km map takes awhile compared to a 600km/h jet)
-More builders per server, with less lag
-A more realistic Gmod.

Quite indeed, but there’s a problem.

Garry’s Mod is running the source engine and its a mod and a mod only.
To change the engine wouldn’t make it a source mod. Simple as that.

You understand that it’s not the fact the source Engine is not good enough, but that Gmod simply is a resource hog and pretty much abuses the source engine in most ways possible.

I know now, thank you for telling.

More realistic what the fuck are you talking about?

Also the Source engine seems to be fine. I don’t think any engine is built to simulate and network a load of props and constraints.

Imagine how much work it would take to take GMod and port it to a new engine. It’s taken us since 2004 - almost 5 years - to get to where we are now. Let’s be honest, it’s just not going to happen.

And a different-engine version would make EVERY addon suddenly incompatible. The community would have to start completely from scratch. If the new-engine version was offered as a different purchase, which it would probably be, the community would be sheared in two. You might end up with shit like boycotts, TF2-halo-esque whiny squabbling or something.

I think Source could stand some improvement but that’s down to Valve.

Why not make an LUA-compatible “Engine V2?” The main thing is source maps are crap small, not the antilag deal. ArmA’s a great game (without even having played it), but what if we could have ArmA with GMod contraptions?

Because it’s not as easy as you think, plus Garry doesn’t have the licensing to the ArmA engine (and I don’t think ArmA is as extendable as Source is in modding terms).

I said we need a new engine, not the ArmA one. I’m just using ArmA as an example.

Try making an engine like that yourself, and then tell us how we could achieve what you want. Seriously, it’s not that easy. I’m struggling with just making a working engine, and you come and say “Hi, let’s create a super engine that does everything better than anyone else.”


IF you could do this with the 60x map size and 20x more powerful physics engine, you’d be a god :stuck_out_tongue:

Just needs the map size limits increased.

Needs updated Havok.

erm if you want a more realistic gmod…wait for cymod. its a gmod type mod for crysis, the guys already got thrusters and a few simple tools, i dont know if its up for download though

All I want is the ability to actually stand on a moving prop and move with it instead of being flung everywhere.

You understand that everything you’re requesting should actually be thrown at Valve, and not Garry. Valve decided the maximum map size (which to be honest, is pretty decent, any bigger and people would complain maps are too big) and it’s up to Valve to upgrade Havok, which I agree does need a severe upgrade (I believe Source is on V2, and the latest version i believe is V6.0).

I’d like larger maps, but other than that I’m alright.

The ONLY thing that the source engine maps (from a conventional game developer’s standpoint) is the bells-and-whistles latest version of Havok.

Which VALVe can’t implement because source uses a much-modified version of havok anyway.

Wouldn’t updating Havok leave us lower-end computers in the shitter anyway?

I see boxes, “LOL U NEED 2 UP UR COMPUTER, N00B!!!11” and general flaming on my horizon.

Update Havok with Ep3 = solve problems.

It’s really hard to disagree or agree with this. The thing GMod really has going for it is that the engine supports lots of different types of constraints, on the contrary it’s crippled by tiny map sizes. Oh and the fact that GMod only runs on one core is starting to catch up with it. Pretty much every game released in the past year and from here on is multithreaded. I know Lua doesn’t multithread, so it’s kinda a big problem. Also GMod has a ton of props premade from HL2, which can be used to build some pretty fucking neat stuff. My conclusion is that the engine is rather limited based on what is possible with today’s technology, however in-spite of the engine’s limitations there is still tons of content for GMod. I think an engine upgrade would be awesome, maybe get some cloth physics going, maybe have non rigid body physics, maybe have models that can be scaled on xyz axises and deformed dynamically. But yeah, this shit ain’t happening, too bad.

Valve just needs to actually update Source. EP2/Orange Box is really just the 04 engine with (very) alpha multi-core support, and some shinier graphics with a FOV option.