Gmod needs better support for the Novint Falcon. God dammit.

This thing right here-

Go to 3:32 to see the important giblets of the operation, that’s what Gmod should have.

Right now it only has support for basic things in Gmod, like weapons recoiling and the gravity gun.

There isn’t even full support for the physics gun.

Now make it so I can make my virtual DJ stand and use it right, dammit.

I also made a thread in requests in case anyone over there can help.

The novint is a $200 gadget that not everyone has. For now, until it somehow is sold much more (Or gains popularity) it probably wont be supported fully.

The novit falcon can easily be replaced by a wiimote - tilting, accerometer & buttons. If you really want recoiling, you could just build a small rig with some lego…

Broski, you don’t understand. You can feel the environment with this, like if you rub the virtual feeler on sand paper, you can feel the sand paper.

I’ve said it before - it’s just an over-priced wii-mote. You might aswell just buy one instead and use that.

That’s like saying Kinect and Move are the same thing.

And they are.

I don’t quite understand how that would help my point, but it’s still different and I have one and so does Garry.

Also what even is the point of your post? Am I trying to get you to buy one?

Well if that’s what you didn’t want, then you have no option but to buy one now.

Man I have always wanted one, but shy’d away from it due to the lack of support in my favorite games.

Yeah, I wouldn’t buy one of these even if I had the money. Looked nice at first but doesn’t support a ton of games.