Gmod needs Smod Blood

gmod desperatly needs smod blood and whatnot can anyone finnaly make it cause i know alot of people want it. it dosent have to have the twitching corpses but atleast the blood squirting. dont include the gibbing though. if you know of a addon or anything that adds this please tell me but if not then someone must make one

TL;DR : need smod blood


then why did you bother lookin at the thread, do you just like to waste time, or are you attempting to troll.



seriously, i don’t think gmod DESPERATELY needs smod blood.

well not desperatly, but more like many people want this.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have the twitching and blood splurts as a addon.

What I really want is the ones who keep shooting for a second or two after you’ve shot them.

oh yeah, abd soometimes they hold on to their gun after death, that would be awesome

Except that SMOD doesn’t use gLUA, and coding it from scratch would be a pain in the ass

Myabe in an RP gamemode, yes, but in sandbox it’s just a gimmick. If you really want it, get the rest who want it and create it yourself.

Yeah, but that would require effort and work… what can I say, im american

Someone please make this blood effect! Here’s a link to a mod which already has it: Maybe this is a proof that it isn’t so hard.

that blood looks better than the normal one

Well, i hope someone who can handle LUA could waste A COUPLE HOURS OF HIS LIFE to make this possible. And i am sure, that it will be downloaded many times.

Gmod doesn’t need blood. Go build stuff and stop with making shitty PHX forts and shooting zombies from there with your sweps on some RP map.

People have opinions! What i said is my opinion, and it can make gmod better IN MY OPINION:DDD

Nobody asked for your stupid opinion.


Well if someone knows lua it’s not hard.
Parent particle emitter (episode 2 particle emitter) to a ragdoll after the last bullet hit the head or something.
Effects? I’d say if you’ll find a guy who’ll code the lua stuff, I can do effects.

Facepunch doesen’t need keyboard warriors.

Wait I just noticed that Fallout link.
So if that mod has got it, then why don’t you just cut and paste it?
If it’s only for yourself then you have the damn right to do so.

Yess!! These kinda comments we need! I dont know anyone who can do stuff with lua, but i hope someone who can will find this thread.


I tried to find the lua files and effects, but there was nothing. The only lua file i remember was autorun.


Another thread about this:

Ok be a complete dick about it…
He wants blood, people can make blood,… why not…
Also WHERE did you get the right to tell people how to play… If I want to kill zombies I WILL KILL ZOMBIES!!! THere is nothing you will EVER be able to do about it…