Gmod needs translation Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 (, you must do a barell roll instead.

I wanna ask you a question since people are so common (my stopwatch shows I’ve been writing this message till here about a minute, freaking iPhone sucks). In the second part I would like people to offer their translations for…


Yeah, say WTF, just what I expected you to say. Lame idea? I have seven friends playing gmod, 2 official and 5 pirated, and it took them about 34 minutes to install it (3 mins writing, YAY). And all of them had the same problem - WTF HOW TO MAKE CHELL GREEN AND SHINY???lol FTW. You might know that it takes only 4 or 5 seconds to do that, to use the colour and material tools. They used nails as constraints (everywhere), jumped on their contraptions trying to destroy 'em… One even had all known sypthoms of mingebag (sex Alyx pose, melons, thrusters, dynamite, roping other’s contraptions to world etc.)(6 mins, phew). They didn’t know any of the TOOLS because there was no explanation for them (in their language). Sow how do you like this idea? I am freaked up translating darn lua files, any ideas?


etc. Half of the tool names are the same in Russian as in English
По-русски: знаю наши (нашего происхождения) сапог и самовар, а весь русский язык построен на латыни, следовательно слова ( некоторые) в Гмоде эквивалентны по звучанию русским.

People will not listen to you because:
-There is already a thread.
-You wrote “you must do a barrel roll instead”.
-You wrote lol, wtf and ftw.
-You wrote lots of exclamation marks followed by 1’s and 0_o.
-You censored out fuck in the poll.
-You wrote “HELL YEAH” and “FUCK NO” as options in the poll.

Well there’s your problem.