Gmod new act commands

I searched the wiki and I couldn’t find a way to make your own act commands. So. Is there a way to make your own act commands. If so, how?

What do you mean?

He thinks he can just type “laugh hard” and the animation will automatically happen.

Either that or he just doesn’t know how to make console commands, which is even more baffling.

i think he wants to add his own stuff so he can make act retard and it plays its own animation

Or he things its automatic or something lol

Shhhh, just let this thread die out. I have had enough brain fuck for one day.

I want to know if there make a new act command and have them do a custom animation.

That is called console command right?

Yeah so i could do something like in console like idk: “act eggsucker” and a custom animation would play.

When you start the game, the source engine loads in the “mdl” files for each model.

Buried in each mdl file is a set of animation sequences.

When you type “act <animation_name>”, the source engine looks up the sequence number inside the cached “.mdl” file and animates the mesh using the data contained in it.

If you want to add an animation for a particular .mdl file then you need to have compiled that animation sequence into the .mdl file in the first place.

The only reason that all the GMOD player models have the animations that they do, is because the ValveBiped skeleton has a set of animations defined for it by Valve and Facepunch Studios which get compiled together and included with that skeleton into the final “.mdl” file. This is done when the model is first built (using studiomdl.exe), before it is distributed to players via either the game itself or the workshop.

I hope this gives you an idea of what would be involved to do what you are trying to do…

Yes thank you <3