Gmod Newbie

Heya, peeps. have had Gmod for about a YEAR now and am finally taking abit of an interest in the god forsaken thing. anywho, am wondering as to how I go about downloading ragdolls, weapons, ect. and getting them to work in game. downloaded a ZIP file before, but, lack the intelligence to get it to work. any helps, tips, or procedures for this hapless nub?

Most of the stuff you can download off are addons, thus should go into the addons folder. gmod->gmod->addon.

Maps belong to the map folder (duh) gmod->gmod->map. However, some maps belong to the addons folder. If the map you downloaded has a lua file in it, it is an addon.

No, if it has an info.txt it’s an addon.

When you download a file from, depending on what it is like:

If it is a file with models and materials, it just goes into your gmod directory like where maps are and shit.
If it is a folder, open that up in the zip file and if it has a document called info, it’s an addon if not, drag and drop the contents of the folder into the gmod directory.
If it says lua, then it goes in the gmod directory much like the models and materials.
If it’s a map, then it goes into the map folder.

If for some reason the maps, models, materials, lua and addons or whatever else isn’t in the gmod directory, either create the folders or just drag and drop the folders in the zip file in the the gmod directory or create an addon folder and slap addon shit in there.

Opps. That’s what I meant.