Gmod Noob

I hope I am posting in the right section. Sorry if I’m not.

Anyway, as the thread title reads, I am a Gmod noob. I was just wondering where some of you more talented and experienced creators would suggest to learn the basics at least. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Depends what field you’re talking about. Lua scripting, creating maps, creating addons, creating gamemodes, etc. The Wiki is always a good place to start. I would recommend doing a lil bit of reading there before trying anything on your own.

For building get PHX3 models. You can get it at, but you can get the newest one through SVN. Also get stacker and prop resizer. Wire even if you dont use it,because alot of servers do.

Thankyou guys, I will look into both.

Also, just the basic fields.

If you’re going to play Multi-player, read and follow the linked tutorial for both Wire mod and Phoenix-storms 3 (phx).

And welcome to Garry’s Mod :wink:

Thankyou! It’s a really great tool!
I will get onto that ASAP. Again, thankyou. :slight_smile: