Gmod Nostalgia

Post up your fondest memories of Gmod,

Met an amazing player base that had ups and downs, funniest memory is Mass Car DM when I had my Lambo yelling, ‘‘MONSTER CAR GOES OMNOMNOM,’’ down the strip of Evocity.

Playing 100% vanilla DarkRP/TTT servers back to Garry’s Mod 10, good times.

I enjoyed so much sandbox servers back then, I built a small district on pure sandbox servers without getting griefed/interrupted by minges.

The first ragdoll I ever spawned was Breen.

I attached a bunch of thrusters to the end of a car on GMod 9.0.4, put it to highest settings and just found it hilarious for a while. Did the same thing to a ragdoll and just couldn’t stop laughing.

Mass RDMing on my first TTT server.
Then later owning that TTT server.

Hoverboards, playing around with zombies and some of the really old weapon packs.

I miss when TTT still felt new and exciting.

The good ol’ days of TTT, man I miss those so so much. :frowning:

the days before yogscast started playing gmod

The first thing I did on gmod in like 2007 was spawning a bunch of ragdolls on that flatgrass spawn platform thing and trying to position them. I didn’t realize that I could rotate objects with the phys gun so I was just jerking them back and forth with the physgun until their limbs fell into place. Then I realized you could rotate things with the physgun and I felt so stupid.

years ago on singleplayer me and my older brother made this huge club out of those red shipping containers and called it Club Ace. It took so long to build and we made it really detailed on the inside, like there would be a front desk to sign in and inside there would be all these cool effects and different places to visit inside and all that. Then somehow that save got deleted and we lost everything :frowning:

oh and fight to survive servers, ovicity/hometown/csd_desert RP, the early days of PERP and just regular sandbox where people could be creative were great. I had so much fun playing gmod years ago and now it’s kinda sad seeing how on most servers it’s just a bunch of annoying kids ruining the fun for everyone else.

Forming a sick DarkRP criminal gang called the E.N.D (which stood for Elite Noob Dominators). This was so we could ride into town and yell “THE E.N.D IS HERE”.

I was the tech expert because I knew how to put a hoverdrive on a jeep. We would drive into town and try to rob the most popular store, which always ended with the store owner prop blocking himself inside and shouting in German while we yelled for him to come out. I only managed to get the hoverdrive to return to our base, because the storeowners would always threaten to call the admins when a jeep teleported halfway in through their wall, full of criminals.

There were always only one or two police officers because everyone was either a gundealer, in a rival gang, or in the E.N.D, and thus the police would always be shot instantly, and we would shout about New Life Rule and stuff in OOC so they had to pretend to spend ages looking for us before they came to stop us again. One time the only police officer locked herself in her hotel room, and we knocked on the door for five minutes before she disconnected.

when perp was an actual thing

Me and my buddy spawned scrap vehicles from default HL2 props, attached thrusters and wheels to them, also camera on driver’s seat to play some destruction derby.

Cars also had dynamite inside and we were activating it while smashing into each other

[sp]Garry’s Mod 9.0.4[/sp]

Back when I was a little shit and I discovered gmod 9.0.4 god how great it was back then!
I remember that once you’ve built a proper car (zapor/trabant + wheels & thrusters) you were a server hero.

Also I’ve met one of the best gmod players back then, we’ve played together for so long doing wooden robot wars and fort wars.
The best thing about it - everything we did be it roleplay, survival on rp_cscdesert, fortwars, everything was done purely on sandbox. No gamemodes whatsoever.

Playing DarkRP 2.2 on rp_downtown_ubyutown in 2007…

Playing [Spacebuild Factions / GlobalRP] and having more than 3 players on the server, building environment-controlled gravity plated roads between planets.

BuildRP on flatgrass.

While not quite old if we’re talking about Gmod versions (I bought & played during 12 version), I still have few good memories.
Slapped four helicopter rotors with Wheel Tool on airboat and activating said rotors.
Boom. A breakdancing airboat.
Made a Maggotcopter and fought with it against someone’s boxing robot.
On December (year I can’t remember), I was frequent on one DarkRP server that played on christmas version of downtown. Add christmas song-playing radios and there’s some good nostalgia.

And when Pirate Wars was a thing, I made a medium-sized ship that was amazing balance between strength and speed (smallest ships were actually not that fast, probably to avoid mini-Sonics and small size ought to compensate for that) and a tactic that would make big ship players rip their hair off: whereas normally ships fought by going side by side, I attacked on rear and front (ships had cannons only at their sides because IIRC coding was based on “look at left side, press Space to fire left side’s cannons, look at right side to do the same with right side’s cannons”). Because of near-maximum speed my ship had, I rarely took much shots from big ships because I escaped before they could say “Oh you motherfucker!”

Anybody remember Mad Cows weapons? They are very broken now but I always used to love blowing down peoples doors on rp_zombiesurvival. It really pissed people off.

i remember joining a spacebuild server and not understanding what the fuck was going on

My friends and I would always build robots out of wood crates and have them fight. Most of the time they’d trip and fall over.

badly posing ragdolls and fucking around with sweps and npcs

Playing DarkRP on hometown 1999.
Running the first ‘Jailbreak’ garrys mod server.
Playing spacebuild for the first time. feelsgood.jpg