Gmod not able to load Team Fortress 2 maps, Mac OS X

Hi there. I’m running into a bit of trouble where if I choose to start a new game and load a TF2 map (tried multiple, only ctf_2fort worked), it will start initializing but the progress bar will always stop halfway through and the application will crash. 2fort is the only map that works consistently. Tried single-player only.

I tested this with Portal maps and they loaded normally, as well as the default Gmod maps.

Running OS X 10.6.7 on a Macbook Pro, 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5, 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3 memory, Intel HD Graphics 3000, if this means anything.
Just downloaded Garry’s Mod this morning, so it should be up to date. I have run into no other problems with Gmod (all of the tools are working great, no crashes during time on a map, etc) I saved a game file while on ctf_2fort, and I can load that game multiple times without it crashing.

If you need the full error message that OS X throws me when hl2 quits unexpectedly, it’s this thing below. Sorry about it being so long, just figured it might be useful. Thanks for any and all help!


same here

Bonk Hunter, what OS are you running and what specs? Are you on OS X?

Just wondering if this is an OS X-only problem, is all.

Show the dump file. It is almost impossible to figure out most crashes without reading the dump file.

Where can I find that? The only thing that came with the crash report is what I pasted above.

Also, I looked through this Help & Support board and found two other Mac users having the same issue. They both said it worked fine before the TF2 Uber update. Have a feeling it has something to do with it, and wouldn’t be surprised.

same as you
(sorry didnt rply so long)

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i will try to defragment it and sees what happens

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this is what happens

someone help!!!

You replicated my exact problem, so at least we’re on the same page.

If anyone comes in here and would like to clarify on how I can get that dump file, it would be appreciated.

Go to your main steam folder, find a subfolder called dumps. Delete everything in that folder, then try to run a tf2 map. Then go to and upload the .dmp file in the dumps folder, then post the url.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: I’ll have that in a minute.

Edit: Uhh. I just went to Macintosh HD > (my username) > library > Application Support > Steam and went through all of the subfolders in it, and there’s absolutely no subfolder even near fitting the description. Even did an entire HD search for the word ‘dump’ and nothing came up. Are you sure this is the subfolder name on a Mac? I don’t know what’s up.

Googled it. Can’t find anything about where they’re stored on a Mac. Also, searched for “dmp” to get the extension and nothing came up in a full HD search. Should I just trash the Mac version and run Gmod on my Windows partition from now on? Seems they store data very differently.

I am not having this issue,But I also require Dump files for a Problem I have in Garrys Mod,It appears to be that there is no ‘findable’ Dump folder for Mac.

mac steam games dont have dump files. no clue why… I have this issue as well. I can load my construct, botmap2, flatland, even toybox maps. I cant open tf2 maps and its pissing me off because i just spent three hours posing a medic for a signature picture for a forum and I need to place him in Badlands…