Gmod not downloading server maps

Whenever I try to join a TTT server I have to download maps that I don’t have, when it begins to download the map from Workshop it just loops over and over downloading the not map. Is there something wrong with my Gmod or the server?

the server; from what you’re saying (which is really vague by the way) it sounds like the server has only one round per map and has has really fast rounds

Only thing I can think of

Unfortunately that’s not the case, I’l try and explain better

Basically, I join a server and it goes through the requesting info blah blah and when it gets to the downloading of the map part before sending info adn then join it starts to download the map from workshop and not a server hosted place like it may usually do, in which it loops the download, and I know that maps are not more than one download, so I think it’s trying to find the map on workshop but can’t find it.
Though I’m not sure at all

What do you means loops the download? As in the bar just keeps looping?

Yea, that’s whats happening

The bar keeps looping until the download is finished. It may be a huge map, like evocity which is if I remember correctly, over 200 MB big (150 when RAR compressed).

Alright, I’l leave it to download to see if it’s just really big maps then, thanks for the help.