GMod not generating old files

Gmod not generating basic files? I run gmod and noticed that it ran extremely slow since I just got windows 7. I decided to remove the contents of the garrysmod folder to try and remove all of the addons that I never use. After I deleted everything I ran garrysmod to regenerate the basic files but everything is still there. What did I do wrong?

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Everything you deleted reappears you mean? Cause that’s strange.

Did you delete the garrysmod content.gcf?

Actually, I am a retard. I thought that the files that I was deleting wasn’t deleting but this was not the case. As it turned out, my brother had made a duplicate steam in c:\ and i didn’t realize that I was changing those files and not the files that steam was actually using. I figured it out and changed the name of the duplicate steam file.