Gmod not mount Episodic content

A few weeks ago my Garry’s Mod stopped mounting Episode 1 or 2 content. I’ve deleted all my addons and reinstalled them, uninstalled and reinstalled gmod, extracted ep1 and ep2’s vpk files into gmod, but none of it has worked. However, I can access the campaign maps and the work fine, but when I load a custom map, none of the episodic content is loaded. I have no freaking clue what happened.

Do not extract the .vpk’s. Mount it by clicking on the game controller in the bottom right of the menu.

It says they’re mounted on the menu, but none of the content is being actually mounted

Where are your episodes located?

They’re in
D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2\episodic

Turns out it won’t mount portal either >.<

Is Garry’s Mod also on your D:\ drive?