GMod Not Recognizing Changes To HL2 Male Group01, Group03 Facemaps

Dear folks,

I just encountered an interesting problem: In Garry’s Mod, when replacing the default HL2 male facemaps with Fakefactory high-resolution facemaps, I found that the Group01 and Group03 facemaps aren’t recognized. Although the Group02 (refugee) and Group03m (medic) models display the new facemaps, Group01 (citizen) and Group03 (rebel) models still display default facemaps. I initially thought the discrepency was due to A) misplaced texture files, B) misspelled or flawed file extensions in the vmt qc, or C) incorrect settings/configurations of the vtfs. However, the files are in their proper folders, the vmts are completely in order (no spelling/textual errors), and the vtfs seem completely ordinary (DXT 1 normal, DXT 5 alpha, no resize, no clamp). I’m out of ideas. Am I the only one experiencing this issue, or is this just a consequence of recent updates to Garry’s Mod?

Any ideas on the cause of this issue and how to fix it be helpful. Happy new year!