Gmod not reinstalling/Addons staying there and not installing correctly

So my GMOD was acting weirdly yesterday and not recognizing that I put a new map in the folder so I decided today that I would reinstall it and start out with a vanilla copy of it. The bad thing is, I tried renaming the folder and starting up garry’s mod to get a vanilla copy, but when I started up gmod, the old maps I had downloaded and the addons I had were still there (and there was no new garrysmod folder in my steam folder. I also tried this with just flat out deleting the old garrysmod folder, which didn’t work either. Then I tried deleting local content, and re-downloading garry’s mod off of steam. Now, when I start up Garry’s mod, I still have those addons and maps, and no garry’s mod folder in my steam folder. There is definitely something wrong here. I searched my Steam folder for anything with ‘garry’ in it, and the only thing that popped up was the .gcf file. Could anyone help me please?

You backed up Garry’s Mod with those maps, etc.

Nevermind, I’m an idiot. Sorry about that, mods close please.