Gmod not Starting

This has happend for a while now but i recently got my computer back because the hard drive died and i lost all my stuff.

But i reinstalled most of my stuff EG.Gmod and everything,i reinstall steam and i go to download garrys mod after a few minutes into the download i decided to got and download something a mod,i download the file im looking for and gmod finishes then i click play and it says "Preparing to launch Garrys mod."after a minute the sign goes away and nothing happens,garry’s mod does’nt start,i click play again and the same thing happend im now trying to figure out what is happening,so i reinstall garry’s mod after another few the sign comes back and nothing happens again,i also notice every time i start gmod up and when it disappears a HL:2 icon on my’s like its trying to start up but something is disrupting it. so i come here to seek help and advice from facepunch if you guys dont know what the problem is that’s okay but if you have experienced this before and have solved it can you help me out? thank you very much. :wink:


I had this problem.

Navigate to your …/steam/steamapps/<username>/garrysmod/ folder and delete the folder named bin.

It worked for me. Fingers crossed it works for you too.

PS: I found the solution to this problem by looking on page two of the Help & Support forums, not far from where I found your thread. I offer a friendly suggestion to look a little further before posting next time. :wink: