Gmod not starting

Whenever i start gmod through steam it says preparing to launch gmod then a black screen comes up and then closes. I have tried many things such as updating my drivers but nothing seems to work… Please help

I am on a 64-bit windows 7 computer with an ati radeon hd 5850.

its probably a error that might need to be updated- you might have to wait a while until a update for gmod comes. sorry :frowning:

Is it me or is everyone having problems with start up now?

im not having problems—you must need to update

mine works fine starting up

After it says “Preparing to start Garry’s Mod” the screen goes black for two seconds and then closes on itself. I had to re-download Steam and the games, I even tried to play CS:S but all it does is play the Valve animation and closes. How do I fix?

hmm…just got done playing it and mine never did anything like that. weird

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–now i do remember it though—a while back it was updating (but that was because of TF2) and it actually it froze my computer and i had to re-boot it.

Probably my situation then, I got a really bad virus barely three weeks ago and had to delete a shitload of files off of Steam so maybe my games got corrupted or something. I’ll figure it out sooner or later.

could be that. sorry about it. email Garry telling him to update gmod because of your problem or get AVG-or at least a anti-virus software that’s newer

Please help, i had to restore my computer to before i update my graphics card and it worked. Now i updated it again and will not work… Please help me i have no clue what is wrong and it is only with source games