Gmod not working atm?

Is gmod not working atm, or is it just me and 4 other friends that cant start gmod?

Same; gmod just crashed and I guess updated. Now when I click to play the game it starts up and then closes immediately with no error or anything


I love it when games you pay for break all the time for no reason

Yep, opens and immediately closes for me and a bunch of people I know, just wait it out, it will eventually be fixed.

Same… God Fucking GARRY -.-

Yeah, broken. I’m happy to know its not just me. So, how long do you think it will take? Two days?

You guys, calm down
Garry sent out an update with the steam update today, and it failed.
Garry would NOT leave us hanging on Christmas, so just hang in there.

spams the refresh button on

Its not garry’s fault im pretty sure that it was a valve update

gmod is running off of its own branch of source

so obviously it’s garry’s fault for not checking the updates he pushes

i thought the entire purpose of gmod 13 was to fix this

you must be retarded or something

Yeah, I was worried I was the only one.
Damn, hopefully will be fixed soon

#Facepunch 2012

Hmm, I thought Gmod 13 having its own engine branch would prevent this from happening?

All the time, it isn’t Garry’s fault.
You can blame Valve, they are the ones that makes the shit break all teh time D:

dont say that you’ll get called retarded

valve doesnt update gmod anymore

Same here D:, hoping for a fix

i called you retarded because you thought the only purpose of gm13 was to prevent tf2 updates from breaking it