Gmod not working for mac 10.6.8?

Hello guys i have looked everywhere for help and no one has been able to. I guess this is my last try at trying to fix this game. About one year ago I got gmod for my mac and it never lagged no glitches and nothing ever went wrong with it until now. After a good break from the city I come back and I miss a gmod update (forgot which one btw sorry) and it took no time at all to finish and once done I started up the game and I get the strongest feeling of sadness rush over me.“Unable to load c:\program files\steam\steamapps\Jacob Woods\garrysmod\bin\filesystem_steam.dll” I have looked it up and nothing has helped. If anyone can help I would love it if anyone could. Thanks and one more note please don’t spam for my sake and the sake of others " Well you should not have gotten a mac!". Again thanks for your help.