gmod not working! neeeed help!

everytime i try to launch garrys mod, it seems too load perfectly fine then a window pops up saying"hl2.exe has stopped working" pleeeeasee help

System Specs, Addons Installed?

yeah, i have alot of addons installed.

Remove addons, then try again.

These steps will most likely solve your problem(s)

  1. Delete all unnecessary maps, and add-ons
  2. Delete the cache folder
  3. Defragment your computer and perform a disk cleanup
  4. Verify integrity of game files
  5. Shut down steam delete ClientRegistry.blob, and AppUpdateStats.blob, restart steam
  6. With a good antivirus, spy wear, root kit scanner (Ad-Aware) update it, and scan your computer
  7. Update all graphics card drivers (Nvidia, ATI, Intel) this is very important ( I will not do a tutorial on this)
  8. Remove all Horsey porn from your computer, stop torrents when on steam
  9. Plug in your computer to the modem/router and not use wireless if possible
  10. Make sure you have the correct addons, materials, maps before you go on a server (makes things easier)
  11. Take a deep breath and start Garry’s Mod