Gmod not working on windows 10?

I am running gmod on windows 10, and for some reason it keeps freezing when in fullscreen. if i get it so that the taskbar is visible but the game is still technically fullscreen and not windowed, it runs fine. I tried everything, i ran it as an administrator, compatability mode, and i got nothing. Anyone knows whats wrong?

I’ve been running Gmod on Windows 10 ever since it was released for the free updates. No problems whatsoever. Might be some shitty VGUI addon or some such. Have you tried removing your subscribed items/reinstalling gmod/etc?

well i didnt install any new addons since i upgraded from win7 to win10 but i’ll try.

I have Gmod on windows 10.

I remember having some weird issue with getting it to run at first, but was fixed by adjusting the resolution settings in-game somehow. A little trial and error to get the menus to change, but once I changed the resolution it seemed to work fine.

do you think i should raise or lower the resolution? it is currently set to my native resolution (1366x768)

If it’s your native it shouldn’t be a problem. Have you tried updating your graphics drivers to the newest ones?

i can, they should already, considering this is a brand new pc

Try to set it down then back up.

i did that, then when i tried to launch the game my pc crashed. im an idiot and forgot to right down the eror message but it has the words “hardware” and “faulty” in it…


Are you using the latest drivers?

i just downloaded the latest drivers, and the game is running perfectly. thanks!

My credit… Has anyone found it? It’s been lost.

On a serious note, mark the thread as solved:)

Yeah, your solution was the right one. Cheers!