Gmod npc weapon selection needs to be in a better list

Every time i want to go on my gmod i have to wait for it to load for some time. So when i finaly get on and want a npc and a certain weapon for it i can’t fined it because the selection is spamed with other guns so it then is off screen.
So i think this is a major flaw that needs to be fixed/changed.

User error. Its your fault for downloading so many pointless guns you likely didn’t use. Garry actually did a decent job making it so its a quick and easy drop down menu to allow you to spawn npcs w/ different guns fairly quickly IF you dont ruin it with user made npc guns.

Well it is prity hard to do when you get a gun pack for your self and then is your npc list aswel

Remove the npc gun list or shrink it down. I honestly believe everybody on garrysmod should have at least a basic knowledge of lua I mean it is one of the easiest codes out there, its just english turned into “function” “if” and “=”

Its harder than it looks and takes patience some people don’t have bro.

I’m not saying they should be able to write it, just have the ability to make very basic edits and read it which is rather simple if you know english. Not to mention its even easier to locate a file and delete or move it or take out chunks such as certain weapons in the npc weapon list (says the name and everything) not to mention alot of times lists, menus, and calibrations are in .txt format not .lua