Gmod object creation survey thingy

My friend and I are working on a bunch of new props for content creation, and we’d like to know what kinds of props people use the most, and want the most.

So, if any of you would be so kind to fill out this small list:

Top 10 default Gmod props used:
and so on.

Top 10 add-on props used:
and so on.

Most wanted props:
Some kind of robotic pony device, a big microwave, a stack of tacos, etc.

It might seem kind of ridiculous, as it probably is, but it does serve a very big purpose. Also, if you list things like the entire PHX prop pack, please list the items you use most in them.

Thank you, and please, refrain from eating any robot pony tacos produced from this survey.

Building blocks but PHX already has that covered.

Hmm, I was hoping for a few more responses. This might take longer than I thought.

some high res. food props, and everyday props e.g. Mobile Phones food plates, just general everyday office and home props that you never see from the real world :smiley:

Hmm, I think this :

Walls, like, good building walls, really good, not like “container” looking one from Gmod, or the like more floor looking from PHX3. Just walls, I mean, the PHX3 one is more like a floor, and the “container” wall is not so good for walls in a serious house.
Hmm… what else.
Maybe like as Dragon Master wrote, like phones, pencils, papers, keys, books, paper rolls, flowers, lamps that can stand on a table and you just add a lamp using lamp tool, TV’s, GOOD tables, mats(like Door Mat, “Welcome Home” you know outside doors irl!), chairs, beds, look around in your room, just what I did, and you’ll get ideas.

You can have like, for Kitchen stuff, thats you know, dish wash and that shit, bedroom with I dont know the word, but you know, in your bed you sleep under a … something, and pillows.


Anyway, sorry for my bad English but I’m from Sweden.

But good luck, post here when you are done!

Edit : Mouse pads, gaming mouses, head sets, newspaper, dvd boxes, Wii, Xbox, Playstation… much!

Edit 2 : Ofcourse I mean this should be for RP servers. Build servers you should make more construction props, build walls etc.

Most of these objects look useful for creating pictures and machinima… mostly “comic” props.

Are people more or less satisfied with the level of construction props?

I would really love a set with the modularity aspect of SBEP, but for ground and air vehicles instead of spacecraft. Basic shaped blocks with more style than PHX that fit together well would be fantastic.

i agree with morcam. some modular vehicle props would be cool i suppose. maybe some high res engine blocks and accessories.
and definitely make a taco xD. just that would get my download rofl.

I don’t necessarily mean cars themselves, and not necessarily in a modern style. Although they would be nice, tanks and aircraft are more what I’m going for. Modern styled items generally don’t go modular very well.

And also some tree walls you can build with .:stuck_out_tongue:

Top ten vanilla:

1.Double Blast door
2.Single blast door
3. Barrel (regardless of skin or if its explosive or not)
4. CSS Computer
5. Breen’s desk
6. Chain-link fence
7. Dumpster lid
8. Clock
9. Melon
10. Portal desk


  1. 4x4 PHX metal plate
    I dont use addons that much, so i cant give any more than that.


  1. Wall
  2. Proper collision, non-huge, non-effect tree
  3. Proper collision barbed wire
  4. Proper collision non-effect bush
  5. Un-breakable wooden table
  6. Un-breakable Plasma TV
  7. Roof?