GMOD Offline Mode Wont Work....

okay, so im right at vaction and im useing my internet right now… but i have a proplem… when i put my steam on offline mode, my steam games wont work. it give me a error which i have on a screen shot blow. my gmod dont need no update…


“This operation cannot be completed when Steam is in Offline Mode.”

Well this is quite an odd problem with steam, for me it only works if the previous time you where online, instead of logging off and whatnot, you click “exit” in the file menu
I’m sure someone else knows better.

I guess its Steam’s way of preventing users from using pirated games offline without verification. I think its stupid really, the most played games are online anyway, and, the moment Steam goes out of business, your games will most likely be rendered useless. Plus, what if I want to play some Good Ol’ Gmod while I’m on the road? Well, Thats too bad, because pirates will completely ruin steam if they get to play a few singleplayer games! <— Last part was Sarcasm…

will i know im doing it right, i know theres no updates… maybe its just my steam…?

run in online mode, disconnect internet.

That works, but its useless if your not conencted in the first place… :colbert:

Offline mode is fucked up since the last Steam updates. Wait for a fix.

Never turn pc off, hibernate.


I’m not going to be all “Herp derp if it’s on for too long it’ll asplode derp” but surely that might reduce it’s lifespan.
I don’t remember where i saw it but it was something about how a cpu can not last forever because the bits inside slowly glitch up (1s become 0s and whatnot) because of the current. So leaving it on whilst your sleeping could mean your reducing its lifespan by half.
Don’t mean to lecture you or anything

I’m tired and fail to recognise the word “hibernate”

Hibernate saves ram to HD and turns off, AFAIK.

i’m gonna agree with you… i think there is something worng with steam new update i send steam a email letting them know my peoplem. thanks for help people.


i was about to make a support ticket on steam support and i was gonna take a screen shot of my offline mode error but some how its working on offline mode. =D (with no internet)