GMOD Older Protocol?

My friend gets this messege when he trys to join my server: " This server is using an older protocol ( 7 ) than your client ( 14 )"

Update your server?

He either a) Pirated gmod or b) isn’t playing Gmod.

Wait wait a second

OP Are you using a pirated garrys mod?

I mean it says your server is older ( 7 ) then your friends garrys mod ( 14 )
But wait
Isn’t the current version of gmod 74?
Are you both pirates?

Update your server.

Did you pirate Garry’s Mod? I mean, we’re on update 74…

Sounds like the “Steam-independent” (aka pirated) version of GMOD to me.

If this is the case, you and your friend should dish out the small amount of money it takes to buy GMOD. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Otherwise, if you are playing GMOD 9, then you should update the servers to the most up-to-date GMOD 9 available.

It doesn’t look like pirated GMod to me.

GMod doesn’t use protocols. :confused:

I’m pretty sure it does…
In web, HTTP is a connection time, standing for Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (port 80).
FTP is File Transfer Protocol (I forget the port).
So steam clients connect to servers through steam by some kind of protocol, port 27015.

There is three things and three soloutions
Things that might happened:

  1. Your friend has a pirated gmod
  2. Your friend has a fucked up gmod
  3. Its something wrong with the server


  1. Slap your friend and get him to buy it
  2. Get your friend to reinstall
  3. Update your server with -verify_all

GMod doesn’t use HTTP nor FTP. The only port it uses would be 27015 which is Steam. Either way, I don’t think GMod has that type of error. If you really do have a legit GMod I would suggest contacting Garry.