Gmod on Linux based OS

Does anyone run gmod on a linux based OS? If so what distro? How well does it work compared to windows or macOS? And how does server downloading work while joining a server? Just as it would on windows or macOS? I am currently setting up my system to dual boot windows 10 and linux fedora, I am trying to get into using linux based OSs rather than windows. I know that they don’t have the triple A titles and what not but I don’t play those games anyway.

Run the game on Linux. Works fine.

Mounting has been broken for 3 years you have to edit a cfg file in order to mount games

I ran Ubuntu on my old pc to improve performence. Pretty sure Garry’s mod run on the most linux based OS

I run gmod on Slackware.

It works fine, but I’m convinced it takes longer than Windows to connect to a server.

I only use OS X and Linux Systems. On Linux it runs without any problems for me. On OS X it sometimes crashes (but not so often that it’s annoying).
I use Arch Linux as distribution.

Didn’t notice that when I left Windows behind, maybe you used different Hard drives?

Same hard drive (SSD). Windows in a VM joins servers faster although that could be due to block-level caching.

Any of you guys happen to run local servers? I enjoy developing in gmod and a local server is essential for that, is it possible on linux? Would it be the same process as on windows??


I run garry’s mod on mint with no issues.

I have a VM for running a local server although you can of course just run it directly. I use a 32-bit Debian VM in VirtualBox just so that the binaries are known to be compatible with glibc versions matching and so that the instance is isolated from the rest of my machine for security - since people can connect from outside.

xubuntu here. never had any issues running the gane.

I was curious and now tried running it in a VM too. Im really surprised that it runs and even runs well, even when it has some lag spikes for me. The game crashes on specific servers in the VM, but funnily these are the same servers where it crashes for me on OS X (some issues with awesomium it seems).

I’ve run Gmod on Linux mint and Ubuntu, I can’t run the game for more than a half hour without a crash to desktop, plus the addon I use the most doesn’t work properly on Linux, but YMMV.

that’s prolly because case sensitive files/folders don’t load properly on Linux - try lowercasing all the files/folders in the addon

Arch linux here. Works fine natively.
Edit: Remember to get the correct drivers. Else you will start to feel the pain it is to run stuff on Linux.

I don’t think so. Workshop addons run anyway, regardless of case of files in the .gma. And when other addons don’t match than there will be simply textures and models missing or even lua errors.

I often see in the traces that crashes are because of awesomium. It’s really f******* b******* that it’s not getting updated, as a lot of crashes are fixed in newer versions.

ubuntu minimal over here working fine

I’ve played gmod on my friends linux, and it works fine. It just takes awhile to load and it sometimes crashes.