Gmod on Linux?

When can we expect Garry’s Mod for Linux? If at all.

Phoronix says it will be ‘quite soon’.

They also said that GMod was being released on Linux 2 years ago because garry tweeted “windows done, compiling linux + mac now”

Garry did say he was going to start working on the Linux client. Whether he already started or not, I wouldn’t know.

I think when Garrys Mod has a good linux port, that is when I will finally migrate. And with all the linux source games, it can’t be impossible.

I’ve been using GNU/Linux for many years, and Gmod is the only thing holding me back from fully migrating. When that day comes, I’m not going to look back.

The Post is probably based off Garry’s blog post a few months ago about it.

I know there is a recent one but they did make a post about it two years ago when garry tweeted that

Garry tweeted about this:

2 years ago, when Garry said ‘compiling Linux now’, it usually meant the server. Not client.

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Or he was just compiling his own copy of linux :v:

yeah, that’s my point, they saw the word linux and assumed the server copy didn’t exist and that the entire engine that garry doesn’t have access to was ported by garry

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to be distributed on a platform that didn’t have a linux release