GMOD on mac doesnt work

Ok my friend has HL2 for mac and now has gmod for mac. The problem is, we press Play and then it says preparing to launch, that goes away. Then screen goes black like its going into the game then it just crashes and OSX says lots of stuff but it doesnt help. the game worked once but froze up and we had to reboot then it just wasnt working…any ideas before we install windows 7 as a dual boot?


macbook early 2010

Doesn’t tell me anything.

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Macs aren’t exactly known to be gaming machines, so I pretty much bet it’s the GPU being a piece of shit.

They ditched Intel for ATI.
So this is related to the Engine problem everyone is having right now.
Only suggestion is to wait for a update.

Well i fixed the problem by just reinstalling but, steam started validating files for it every time and then saying servers were to busy. We did what their site said to no avail so i just reinsatlled again. I wonder whatll happen next to my friend who bought a mac

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