Gmod on сonsole

Hi Garry . I saw recently a theme about the new menu of game. It presumes to do Gmod for consoles on an example xbox360, Wii (PS3).
At me is Wii and it is possible to connect the keyboard and the mouse to her as developers assure.
As is Xbox360 to which it is possible to connect on gamepad the keyboard.
Into account PS3 I will tell that Velve that all fashions from a portal 2 not for a long time have told or
Orange box will work now and on PS3.
Whether I know good it is idea but I think sales Gmod will increase after occurrence by consoles

Excuse if some words aren’t clear.
P.S I Russian

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It’s not going to happen!

You’re on a computer.

Why not use it to play Gmod? Why do you think everything is better on a console?

I like the Pc. But the console is also not bad.

PC is Superior, Consoles are worse.


sphinxa279 , I do not deny

I will just wait for the release of Portal 2 with these weird motion controllers. Maybe Garry will add support for them?

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Highly doubt it, if you wanted to use motion controllers on your PC you’d have to get the wii controllers to work or the PS3 move to work, do able but too much hassle, which is why he won’t implement it as the user base can’t be fucked.


IMO Garrys Mod would be ruined by putting it on a console.

Most people use more stuff than the stock items and consoles are generally more locked down, networking wise.

Garry would have a hard time implementing Cloudscript on any of the current consoles.

This would limit him to adding content through download packs on the systems that support them. Which would mean that Garry would have to officially begin supporting select 3rd party projects, like wire.

Also, playing garrysmod with a controller is horrible. Have you ever tried it?

Besides Garry’s mod is not a Official Game, Its a Mod.

It can’t be ported to Console.
These threads are just plain stupid.

Wii wouldn’t even run a source game.
XBOX doesn’t have alot of memory to run it.
PS3 MIGHT have a possibility in running GMod. With addons I mean.

Yeah, for the ten thousandth time, it will never happen.

How would you even play gmod on the console…

gmod on ps3 =

no addon support(exept maybe some dlc in the store that isnt free)
crappy graphics
many crashes
crappy controlls(it would be a pain in the ass to pose ragsoll with the controller)
no console
no custom maps
no dedicated servers
only vanilla gameplay

Actually, addons and maps on the PS3 would be very possible. Unreal Tournament 3 already allows players to download entire mods to their PS3 and use them. And the PS3 supports keyboard and mouse natively, the game needs to have bindings obviously. But the constant crashing is a problem, it has very little RAM.


Shut up, OP. It won’t happen. It shouldn’t happen. You’re asking to cross breed Cerberus with a chipmunk here.

The day Gmod gets put on a console is the day the PC gets recognized as a console.