Gmod on Source 2?

Hey just wondering if anyone knew what would happen to Garry’s Mod after source 2 is released?
Will it be ported over and changed to gmod 15? Would the player slot max go up since source 2 will utilise the cores of a cpu more?

Can people stop with the “Gmod source 2” threads.

the answer to all of them is probably no, because garry doesnt work on Garrys Mod anymore.

now, stop, please.

Whether or not Garry is working on Garry’s Mod really is irrelevant. The main problem is feasibility. Facepunch has to pay for their office and staff and other expenses. They dont have the money to sit around porting Garry’s Mod to Source 2.

I doubt Facepunch office and few employers cost millions. Not to mention the sales from Rust.

Thats really not the point. Just because you have money doesnt mean you should go and waste it.

The real question is: What would be the benefit of Source 2 for GMod? Would it be decisively better? I think not. People should just learn to be happy with what they have. GMod is great as it is right now.

God it was just a question tbh it will be ported in the future I think doesn’t have to be straight after source 2 is out maybe a year later just a question

I think it’s okay that you and many others ask. It’s called showing interest, and it’s what we do as a community. I don’t get people that frown on it.

And I don’t think it’s arguable that any game’s technical capabilities (especially one like Garry’s Mod) isn’t going to benefit from the updated engine.

he’ll do it when he fucking does it

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gmod is awful as it is now

the only thing that feels right for me is the murder gamemode

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you don’t understand how much of an update source 2 would be

this would change everything for the better. everything would be better, physics, details, everything.

THANK YOU J!NX that’s a real answer

that was not much of an answer

of course the game would be better if remade on a new engine

you do not understand what a monumental task that is

it isn’t happening

Obviously Garry’s Mod is going to run on the Cryengine or the Unreal 4 Engine…

You know, garry did several modifications on the actual engine…

Garry would have to be done with rust (years from now) and have good games to base it off (years from now) and completely make it from scratch (even more years from now)

that’s including when he decides it (years from now) and if he even likes source 2 (years from now)

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it will take this long

I think it will get ported…

Good for you.

Thanks totally appreciated…

If Source2 has better physics than the current one, then it would be worthy to port the game.

That doesn’t make t worth it at all. Greyman has been working on porting to bullet physics(look it up) for a while, swap out dll- what makes it worth it to swap to source 2 currently? Nothing.

map size