GMod on the mac

What do you think?

I say: :smithicide:

Are you trolling or are you just that dumb?

What above said. This kind of Mac hatred is just dumb. It really is. I’ve used Windows for a few months. I really REALLY don’t like it. That doesn’t mean I flame or troll every Windows user on the internet.

That’s because minorities don’t troll.

Duh, only in groups…


Garry will release mingemacs zerg-rush next thursday

I don’t get the mac hate. I prefer them to my windows machine.

Seriously guys, most of the mac players that you will be playing with on the 23rd, you’ve been playing with for quite a while, either off of bootcamp, or through a virtual machine. This will just make it easier for us to play.

Poor wording on my part, sorry. Rate me box.

:wtc: did I just read?

Sorry, I botched that up a bit. What I was trying to say was that there are a good amount of players in Gmod right now that are on a mac, and this update will mainly be making it more convenient to use for them.

Sad day in history


PS: Antimac users are winning. NONAPPLE FTW!!1

Aye, this. Crossover is a pain! However, if Steam News will announce this, then the vast majority of people downloading gmac will be new players. And hey will be dealt with like any other newbs. At least, they would if not everyone on the internet was a Gates fanboy with no idea what they are talking about.

Quick question, why do you care about the Mac vs. Pc debate so much?

Two birds with one stone: I just unexplainably hate all apple products.

In addition to this, how old are you, starpoo? My guess: between 12 and 15. Or younger is possible. I was a bigoted asshole when I was 12. Against everything. Then I learned that other brands of things besides what I used were just fine. Don’t worry starpoo. You’ll get over this.

I’m not as zealous as I was months after I started. I’m not as zealous as I was about anything really. I have no new things… :saddowns:


Oh God younger than 12… :psyboom:

I recommend Fallout 3. I tried my friend’s one, very fun. Mine isn’t working due to Crossover being a bitch, but I am going over to his houce tomorrow, actually, so more fun.

I wish my computer could run Fallout 3 :frown:

:buddy: That’s my new zeal! My hatred of acer!

I have a mac, it’s not a bad computer, but you really can’t just use it on its own. Like I wouldn’t mind having a mac as long as I had a PC as well, which I don’t. I’m pretty limited with just this.