Gmod on three monitors

I just finished building my dream computer last week (specs at end) and i wanted to play GMOD on all three of my screens, it works, but i cant see some of the props in the Q menu because of the bezel correction, i was wondering if there was a way to have my Q menu just in my middle screen?


My Dream Computer:
Intel 2600K OC’d to 4.8Ghz
XFX 6990
16GB Vengance RAM
120GB OCZ Caching SSD
2TB WD Caviar Black HDD
Corsair AX1200 watt PSU
3x23" Acer LED Monitors

I don’t think you could do that.

Why would you want to run gmod in such a high resolution?

You could just edit spawnmenu.lua (I think that’s the filename) in the sandbox gamemode folder, and force the width of the spawnmenu to only be big enough to fill your center monitor.

Why not? 6016x1080 is awesome!!

My gamemodes folder is empty… where would that .lua be?

Can I please see your setup :pwn:

Here is a .zip of like 7 pictures :slight_smile:

Oh my lordy, what kind of cooler do you got for that thing? :suicide:

Thank you!! I have an Corsair H80, the H100 wouldnt fit in my case and i dont want any external water cooling stuff

Why’d you want to run GMod on 3 screens? It doesn’t make the gameplay better. You’ll see the edge of the monitors…

I know… but i like it… i just need to resize my Q menu somehow

Can’t you afford a mousewheel?
Seriously. “need to”? Why?

mousewheel? the bezel is covering up some props…im playing it at 6000x1080… i dont need to scroll

OMG i want that computer :pwn: !!! is a alien ware right???

hell no!!! that would be over $9000!! because i built mine myself i have a computer better than the best Alienware for about $4000

Can I get a performance demo? :dance:

Yeah, Crysis 2 on highest, while playing Bad Company 2 and Team Fortress 2 on highest too, while downloading porn

Then showing said porn

kill me! this is way to cool!