Ban :/


I don’t know why you posted here, we don’t remove bans as far as I know.

Oh, ok. You wouldn’t happen to know if you can appeal them would you?
Or at least how I could contact them?

You don’t.

Oh ouch too bad

You should’ve been smarter and used a file sharing site. There’s no excuse for what you did and now you’ve payed for it.

Sadly, I have to completely agree with you all. I didn’t think about breaking the rules when I did it. :confused: Oh well, thanks anyways.

Stupid corrupt admins! :argh:

I would be careful on what you say around here about the admins. They tend to get “ban happy”

I hear they especially don’t like the angry smileys lol.

im kinda scared i uploaded a file today, my second ever and it’s really cool like it generates sweps through a bat file, like anything you want i wrote 800 lines of code for it and it has 16 different major customizable firemodes (excluding damage and spray and other stuff) and i worked on it for 30 hours and it got flagged :frowning:
im really scared because i forgot that bat files can possibly be a virus when opened :frowning:

Dont. Bump. Old. Threads.