download interrupted problem

Hello, might as well go straight to the point and not waste time. Whenever I download a file from larger than about 5 MB, it interrupts halfway and I have to restart it again. For larger files, I get 3-5 interrupts per file. For extra large files, like big maps or mods, I can get over 10 interrupts. When I start downloading again it resumes from where it left off, but it is still very annoying and it also spams my download history.

I get the same result with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. I am using Windows 7 64 bit. I don’t have this problem on any other website or service, other than My internet is fast and reliable, so we can rule that out.

This first happened about a month or so ago, before that all was well. is highly unreliable and slow, even with my internet at high speeds it will go up to 5mb/s Or sometimes even just 1. Its not your fault, blame servers.

same here, im trying to download sb_twinsuns. wehere can i download it form instead?

Some users post their maps on Facepunch and or GameBanana. Look on both sights for what you need. If it doesn’t have it… Try random googleing it or having a friend upload it to something so you can download it.