Glitch or Banned?

I have not been able to Comment on things because the bar just continues forever and I can no longer find the “post” button or what ever it was called. Is that just a glitch with my computer or does that mean I’m banned from commenting on
When I run “Compatability View” It shows the comment bar normaly but no Post button or What ever it’s suppose to be.

You, just like I, have had our commenting privileges taken away. Garry will not restore those privileges no matter what. personally I think Garry has gone too far and its time for people to start leaving the community and let the mod die.

What browser are you using?
And were you commenting like an asshole?

…You’re an idiot. Seriously, if you’ve been flaming or insulting people on then you deserve to be banned.

Without Garry’s Mod, half of this Website would not be here and hundreds of people would be out of a job. So Garry going “too far” is perfectly reasonable. This is a “kid oriented” game and would like to make it fun for ALL players of ALL ages, and the people that download from the site that are acting like a bunch of idiots with their underwear on fire don’t show other people that Garry’s Mod is a fun game.

“Gmod” is not about how smart you are or how talented you are, it is about how much FUN you are having WITHOUT ruining it for other people.

People trolling and raging and cussing about Garry’s Mod fuck Garry up in the long run. So Garry taking away privelages from assholes with keyboards is perfectly fine in my book. In some sense, I deserve it too because I tend to trash talk on Garry’s Mod.

Garry’s Mod is an amazing game, or MOD, that literally broke gaming limitations and Garry PERSONALLY built a world, not a community, but a WORLD of people with this game.

Garry has not gone too far at all. Garry is “teh poop” as the people in “da hood” call it.

Garry, for me at least, revolutionized gaming in a way that NO ONE will EVER replicate…EVER AGAIN. I like Garry’s Mod more than I like Halo when it first came out. So Col. Shepard, no offense, but if your dick touches your asshole, go fuck yourself.

Sorry for “flaming” and “trolling” him. If I get banned, I completely understand.

It’s not a kid oriented game, it’s just a game that attracts kids.

Well, that’s what I meant o.O

I was banned cause someone claimed a link to the original link of what he re uploaded breaks css.

how is that in any way fair?

I doubt that a stuck bar means “BANNED”. Crappy Internet connection maybe. Or just try refreshing. Always works for me (I’m banned lolololol).


I got banned for complaining about the BG spam, sex maps, and adv dupe spam but in every single one of my posts, i wrote out exactly what was wrong with it. I completely understand people wanting to put up some BGs that look good to help people enjoy the game more and i understand people making an amazing contraption and wanting to share it, hell i even understand people wanting to combine self pleasure and gaming but seriously, people need limits and banning those who say “thats enough” is like killing off all the spiders in the world, you just end up with a ton of maggots and shit covered flies everywhere. Oh not to mention not only did I pay for gmod, I also made a well used flying ent and I helped make the pack its with AND I was making a V2 of it which alot of people were eager to use, so many people asking that I even had to limit beta testing to team only. Those people are never going to get to use the V2 now because I got banned. Still think its fair? Seriously, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions


Ok lets get a few things straight here

The website is based on garrysmod so not just half, the entire site would likely be gone

Those “hundreds of people” already don’t have jobs. They’re called game designers who never got hired and decided to spend their time making addons for gmod

Most of the so called “assholes” that got banned weren’t trolls and in many cases did nothing wrong while most of the actual trolls didn’t and will not got banned

garrysmod isn’t revolutionary but infact is just a hl2 version of games and mods made in the past that didn’t work out

No, its a community. a group of people who have come together for a unified reason

Its rated M for MATURE which means 17 and older. That means kids are not supposed to be playing this and therefore if they get exposed to “unsafe” material while playing it, it is the parents’ faults. in simpler terms “hey kids, GTFO!”

Finally “teh poop” wtf? I’m trying to think of something funny to say in response to this but I can’t come up with anything. All I can think of is how sorry I feel for you right now. I almost feel bad about what I said above. speaking of above “hey kids, GTFO!”

facepunch is a game studio, not just a community

This thread seems as if it has caught the case of trollfever.

Stop raging. Judging by that comment it seems though you just flame all day long on the comments. The mod will not die because garry is banning people because they’re acting like asshats.

well he should ban them from commenting
not the ability to download files
i had a problem like that, back in the day when you had to register a email not your steam
made a whole new profile because a file i uploaded was a virus
when it was just a swep i spent my entire summer working on -_-
the moderators are crap on garrysmod, and facepunch but you just have to live with it, because they are all Nazis and Nazis are cool.

Sorry, but this still sounds like “BAWWW I GUT B& U DUN GT ADDUN NO MOAR”

You do NOT need the god damn comments system to fix problems, the only people who will be worth your time with error checking is the ones who actually put the effort into making an account on here to report it. A lot of the idiots who use comments to report bugs will be crying about it not working when they didn’t install it right or managed to fuck their Garrysmod up.

make a thread here for bug reports, actually release a fucking addon instead of getting butthurt over being banned, and stop crying. Be thankful you don’t have to put up with that shitty comment system anymore.

Sorry :] Lol. I got banned for being a stupid-douche.

Twas deserved. Have a good day fellas :]

Epic post is epic.


Okay, I agree with you saying he went too far but Letting the mod die would be impossible. too many people like it too much.

Garry or the people who made went too far. People need to asses sometimes because Somethings are truly horrible or do not belong on That website at all.
For example of a horrible thing, ever hear of this “Magic box”? That is truly horrible. All it does is light up.
Another thing I found and got me agrivated because it was on there was a tutorial on how to get the portal gun into half-life 2 and episodes 1 and 2. It has nothing to do with Garry’s mod.

And finally Isn’t banning people from commenting going against the First amendment, Freedom of speech. Or does that not apply to the internet?

Garry isn’t american