GUI messed up

this problem has been happening for me for the pats month (maybe longer i can’t remember). Something is causing to look like this:

I’ve disabled my firefox addons but that didnt fix it.
Anybody else having this issue, has anybody and fixed it?

Disable Ad-block Plus.

i already tried that, didn’t work. My other addons are Anycolor, BetterPrivacy, Java Console, and Kapersky URL Advisor.

Looks like no CSS. Have you set it to use a custom stylesheet or something silly like that?

nope. and what exactly do you mean by “looks like no CSS”?

I think he means :

Yes, CSS, not to be confused with CS:S.

You could try a different browser, like chrome or something. But not IE that screws everything up even worse.

Yeah, I’d also suggest Chrome.

I kind of doubt the browser is the issue. I tested it on another computer with firefox and it looked fine.


yep, just downloaded Chrome and had the same bug :frown:

Shit, dude idunno. Seems to me it’s one of those add ons you’ve got, but, as you’ve said didn’t work un-installing them. You could delete firefox and then download it again…

Off-Topic: Did you go to a thread that’s title is “Sex is underrated” :O?

On-Topic: Do you have something like JavaScript? If you don’t, you need to get it as it mainly runs on JavaScript (just a thought).

lol good eye, i didnt even notice that. I usually like to look at poll threads no matter what they are.

OnTopic: according to my Firefox options i have JavaScript enabled

Is it updated

Its probbably the BetterPrivacy addon screwing up the style sheets