is getting worse

Okay, the front page downloads USED to be things that were actually useful if not meaningful, but now the front page is full of absolute crap. Are there simply more ten-year olds playing this game now? Or when the site was re-designed, was the front page purposefully altered to contain nothing but absolute garbage?

yeah i get the “no moderation” thing, garry, but its not hard to fix the front page is it? maybe arrange stuff by number of downloads or something.

I mean seriously, this was on the front page:

What the fuck.
Front page.

Has anyone else noticed this new trend? I only searched for a few minutes becuase I just got off of fast threads and my IQ has dropped about fifty points, but there arent any other threads addressing the front page. Except the moderation thread.

I sent the contact email address my concerns but if wants people to download more stuff, they need to fix it.

garry, i call upon your holy name. fix it makes my penis hurt.

im done.

Left Column:
Popular shit

Right Column:
Recently uploaded shit

Are you talking about how in the right hand column it has the most recently uploaded files which are usually steaming piles of shit?

it wastes my life.

I also think that the front page should have multiple pages. like three. if that makes sense.

I agree with these people. I am also starting to see “Porn” maps that kids are downloading by the thousands. Cmon, really children? You are sick inmature SOB. Grrr. Rantz.

You don’t actually have to look at the recently uploaded stuff though do you? I don’t really understand why you have gotten as explosively furious as you seem be. Veiwing the crappy uploads isn’t mandatory. I think the whole idea of putting new uploads on the front page was to give them a chance before they vanish into the depths of the site. And, you never know, maybe Garry put them on there to tone down the massive elitism that seems to have permeated the gmod community.

I agree, just look at this shit. What disturbs me even more is that there’s already 94 downloads.

There needs to be a strict “No porn rule”…

what’s a matter?

Afraid your mommy is gonna catch you looking at porn?

No. If you want porn, go to a porn site! Not a fucking Garry’s Mod website.

I find having the recent uploads column both useful, and stupid. It’s useful because you may catch that one mod that no one ever hears about, and is pretty awesome. Most of the times is some shitty background, save, or a kill breen mission.

There also needs to be some sort of rule against porn/warez/stealing.

Totally agree, front page is always filled with backgrounds or bad maps that 10-year olds made to show off their “first map”. Hate them.

HEY! NO! Don’t call Sakarias’s Combine mech and the Drunk Combine shit. Anyways, the Kermite packs should seriously be moved somewhere else to make room for the “good” addons like those GDCW weapons and just awesome stuff.
I think that those porn maps are being uploaded to get a high dl count.

Back in my day it was the other way around, then Garry got rid of recent uploads completely. Why did he bring it back? :frowning:

Ahahaaha what

Well many good addons would never be seen unless you go into the recently uploaded link, which most people would NEVER go to. Although I agree that most new stuff is just a bg.

I think personally a rule against porn would be dumb. However, a filter may be a good idea - for example, if a user is under the age of 14 or has enabled some setting, don’t show any files with sexual content - based on the name and tags.


And allow people to manually add and remove to their search filter.

Oh god the comments, they are worse than youtube comments.

First people complained about the horrendous amount of recently uploaded junk on the website. So Garry took off the recently uploaded.

Then people complained about seeing the same old “popular” junk everytime they get on So Garry added it back.

Now people are complaining once again about the amount of uploaded junk on

Truth of the matter is, we wouldn’t have this problem if Garry actually allowed some moderation of the content uploaded on the site (rule breaking stuff). There is quite a bit of unneccesary content that doesn’t belong, ex: Porn/Warez/SVN/Stolen/NonGmod/Etc

I used to download maps, models, etc from the site but now the only time I download something from it is because of a download link off of a release thread and not the website itself.

Why would it be dumb? Its a Garry’s Mod website, not a porn megafactory.