Gmod Parkour problem

Whenever i use this gamemode the weapons dont work, the weapons are errors and the wall jumping and stuff like that dont work properly either.

Please help?


Oh i get it, i need css right?

Also a sugestion to whoever made this, please make it more realistic?
Like I do parkour, and there is NO WAY i could jump off a 300ft building, grab onto a wall and survive.
My arms would rip off lol.


I’m STILL laughing hehe.


Realistic?, people won’t make it realistic just for one request or idea.

Yeah you’r right…

I’ll tweek it myself. (I wont release it though)

but yeah you need css?

It looks like i’ll be getting the css content then…(I hate css)


Btw I have NO idea how to lua code so…


That doesn’t really answer my question.

hehe it worked lol i can use html on the forum.