Gmod Party

Hi Guys, On Christmas and New Year, I plan to make some pictures from the party of the GMOD
And Here Are

If you like it, reply!

You went overboard with putting your name on the screenshots

looks better than my new year

If only we still had the troll pose section.

I don’t like it and still replied.

I’m such a rebel.

This was barely worth the effort of scrolling down to rate it dumb, why did I waste the energy of commenting?

Why did you put watermarks on da pictures? Now I can’t show everyone on deivatnart does cool screenshots and tell them I made them… :frowning:

Is your physgun damaged or something like that…?

i hope this thread gets diagnosed with everything cancer… and dies

Hahaha, you screenshots sucks, better go away and take a leap of fresh air and never pose anything again. Seriously. Or practice, practice and practice.

uhh…What is this?


guess what

I’m sorry for what I’m about to say.

But what the fuck? So much sense not being made.

Can I throw up now?

Damn. Need some lovin’ up in here.

You’re posing is really bad. You should probably practice with more flexible models. Go to the Releases section and pick some out.

Also, its generally not a good idea to use HL2 or Portal maps unless you’re making something related to said map.

Don’t just use crazy and over-used facial expressions. Do it manually. Looks more natural.

Don’t put your name on it. No one is going to steal it. Don’t worry.

Don’t put random text in. It won’t work out very well.

Put effort into posing. Don’t just freeze a ragdoll in mid-air and fuck with its limbs. Try to make it look realistic.

I think you just need some help. God knows I did when I first started posing.

Sorry My First Time on facepunch and garrysmod

Lesson learned: never post your first stuff.

Can we lock this thread now?

This shit is funny, screw the rest of y’all.


this is modern art, you just don’t understand it